Jason Sleboda is the third member of the THOSE GUYS JAZZ trio.  Jason is a Senior at Seminole High School in Sanford, Florida where he is a member of the Pride of the Tribe Marching Band and is the Low Brass Captain.  Jason plays the Bass Trombone in both the Wind Ensemble and the Jazz Band and holds first chair in each band.  Jason began playing piano in elementary school however once he entered Middle School the decision was to take up the trombone and the euphonium as well.  As you already may be able to tell,  Jason enjoys learning new instruments!  In addition to the three mentioned already, he has mastered eight others including guitar, trumpet, flugelhorn and bass guitar, just to name a few.  In the winter of 2017, Jason was selected to the Tri-State Jazz Band, a select group of 25  jazz musicians, from Florida, Georgia and Alabama.  Also in 2017, Jason was awarded three superior ratings for his work on Bass Trombone solo, Euphonium solo and Trombone Trio performance at District Solo and Ensembles in Seminole County, Florida. Jason will be attending Florida State University in the fall as he studies Chemical/Biomedical Engineering.  Jason is an Eagle Scout with troop 854 in Lake Mary, Florida where he has earned  51 merit badges and six Eagle Palms which has made him the most decorated Scout in his Troops history!  Jason enjoys camping, shooting, and spending time with his family and friends but music is his real love.  He is inspired by Wycliffe Gordon, a famous trombonist.  Jason’s favorite quote…“The most important thing you can give to someone is your time”.  

   So, how did you become aquainted with THOSE GUYS ?   “I’m a member of the Pride of the Tribe marching band at Seminole High School in Sanford, Florida.  We are given the opportunity to fundraise for our trips and perform music in our local area. We have ‘Quarter Days’ where we play in front of stores to collect whatever donation someone would like to contribute to the fund raising.  On this one Saturday, I was playing in front of Winn Dixie when an older gentleman approached me, introduced himself as Doc Williamson and told me I was pretty good.  He then asked why I was playing my trombone in front of the store?  After an explanation he invited me to an open mic nite at the Alley in Sanford.  I told my parents about the meeting and the invitation but they were not too supportive at first.  I was only sixteen at the time and they were concerned that the open jam session was at a blues club in a bar.  After some thought, however, my Dad decided to go with me to check out the Alley a few days later.  This is when I met Christopher, an alto sax player.  I played along side Christopher for about an hour and we had a great time.  Afterwards I went and sat with my Dad to listen to other musicians, when Christopher came over and we spoke. He told me how there trombone player had moved on and they had been searching for a replacement for two months.  He said he thought I’d be a good fit and that my style of play would probably be an asset to the group.  I spoke with my parents and they decided that as long as school and scouts did not suffer then it would be good for me.  About a month went by without any contact and then I received a phone call.  It was Christopher. He was inviting me to a rehearsal at his house to mainly see if I’d be a fit for the group. I attended the rehearsal.  That night I let them know how busy my school load was and that I was working on my Eagle Scout rank.  When I said ‘Eagle Scout’, Garrett, the trumpet player, jumped up and said, ‘Hey my brother!’  You see, Garrett is an Eagle Scout as well!!!  I have been with THOSE GUYS since October 2015.  I have never regretted my decision and I am so glad I did Quarter Days at Winn Dixie that one Saturday afternoon”.