What a treat it was having THOSE GUYS entertain us at our Christmas Party, all 700 of us! We really enjoyed the way you interacted with everyone from young to old, you have a way of making each of us feel special. Can’t wait to see you again and we

Wes    December 18, 2015   Christmas Party   

We attended a party recently where THOSE GUYS played. It was a cold night and they were set up on the pool deck, then moved into the house where it was warmer and they did a set. It was fantastic! Everyone there certainly loved them-their music, and their show. We

Charlie Kennedy    December 13, 2015   Private party at our home in Mount Dora   

Refreshing, to hear good music, see high standards, professionally dressed young men with great personalities. True definition of entertainment!

We are looking forward to seeing them again.

Dean Ratledge    April 11, 2017   Prohibition Kitchen St. Augustine   

“I had a great time coming out to video tape “THOSE GUYS”!! They played in front of The Mount Dora Coffee Shop off a quiet side alley in Mount Dora, FL.,that quickly became a jammin’ street party!! Can’t wait to finish editing the rest of the video. I am really

John W. Adams II    March 13, 2015   Mount Dora Coffee Shop   

Testimonial We had a dressy, black and white party at our home on Dec 28th. We invited Those Guys to play, because we had seen them perform and knew they were good. We had the chance to enjoy the entire evening performance, from setup and sound check to final song

John and Stella    December 28, 2015   DeBary, Fl @ our home   

These young gentlemen. THOSE GUYS, played a wonderful personal series of ballads and songs for my sister and her boyfriend, as a surprise gift from him. I never would’ve thought THAT many people walked in my neighborhood, but when great music is playing who can blame them! Those Guys, one

Mark Thompson,    May 20, 2015   Front Yard, Deltona, FL   

We had the pleasure of having “Those Guys” play at our home for a private party and everyone absolutely loved the music! They played a wide variety of music which got everyone dancing. It was a blast and our guests can’t stop talking about how great it was to have

Pam & Bill Scott    December 7, 2015   Private party at our home   

Those Guys Trio are the best! Engaging and energetic! They entertain with a wide rang or music and interactions with the audience. A must experience!

Gina    April 30, 2017   Prohibition Kitchen   

Collectively “Those Guys” are not old enough to collect social security, but together they rock! Can’t wait to hear them again.

Kendall Caputo- Palm Coast, FL

Kendall Caputo    December 15, 2015   Private Party at our home in Palm Coast   

Those Guys Jazz are 1) handsome! 2) talented musicians 3) showmen 4) funny 5) gentlemen and so much more. Our group was thoroughly entertained, watching them, dancing to them, and watching the crowd enjoying their playing. Will continue to follow them.

Arelle Cappalli    March 8, 2017   Prohibition Kitchen   

We really enjoyed the group. They really kicked up the crowd and we decided to dance to them. I liked their take on all the songs they played. My husband & I. We're wondering if you videoed us while we were dancing. If so we would love to get a

Dorie & Steve Perdie    March 7, 2017   Prohibition Kitchen   

Terrific, from the music to the way they were dressed, and the way they interact with the crowd! Amazing!

Nina LaRosa    April 30, 2017   Prohibition Kitchen   

We had the pleasure of having “Those Guys” perform during our Valentine’s Special event at the Artisan Downtown on February 14th! Chris, Dwayne, and Garrett, ( THOSE GUYS ), played a wide variety of music from classic jazz to pop covers. The incredible talent these young boys possess was greatly

Hina & Sara Patel    February 14, 2016   Artisan Downtown DeLand   

“Those Guys” performed at my clients restaurant, Artisan DeLand, on Valentine’s Day as a part of our special Valentine’s Dinner. Working with “Those Guys” on marketing for the event was so easy. Every time I needed any sort of logo or image, all I had to do was give their

Sarah Thielen    February 14, 2016   Artisan DeLand   

We had THOSE GUYS perform at our Marine Corps Ball. They were soo entertaining and very respectful. They dressed so nice and really know how to put on a show. They played the Marine Hymn and closed the ceremony out with taps. It was moving to say the least. THOSE

Tri County Marine Corps League    November 9, 2013   Marine Corps Ball   

Those Guys are more than just a group of talented young jazz musicians. If you love jazz you will be pleased with their quality and professionalism. But it's their flair for entertainment that sets them apart from other groups I've seen. They love getting the audience involved, and they just

Michelle    March 11, 2017   Prohibition Kitchen   

A huge Thank You to Those Guys Jazz for making my husband's 50th birthday celebration so memorable. Too many times to count, I was asked by guests "where did you find that band?... And told "They're awesome". I fear now you've set the bar so high, any future party without

Barbara H.    July 6, 2017   Private residence gig   

I wanted to do something big and insane to show my feelings to the girl that I love. So I hired THOSE GUYS to do something special.
First I thought they were going to set up some speakers and play a couple of songs but it was soo much more

Ron    May 20, 2015   Private party in my front yard